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splinter triptych

FOR THAW AUGUST 2020 CREATIVE CHALLENGEOriginally published on wordswrithen.comWEEK 2 DAY 2 – SPLINTERS 1. What all camels dreadA splintery day today, you know, The kind when a whole loadOf spiky little annoyances collideAnd lodge just under your skinAnd you set your teeth and grinTil the last straw jabs youRightunderthedamnfingernailandyouhollerandwailaaaaaaaaaaah!What am I, a pincushion?Swiftly becoming aContinue reading “splinter triptych”

thaw #1: winter waning

Check out the pic for your week of creative prompts – no limits, engage how you wish – in words, music, images, paint & pen, any medium you fancy. You’re welcome to incorporate this into your personal reflection, meditation or prayer times, or share your responses wherever you blog or create. Feel free to shootContinue reading “thaw #1: winter waning”

yesterday, today, tomorrow and after — wordswrithen

four Easter meditations in a time of isolation 1. Maundy Thursday: mandatum It is spoken It is written It is given It is finished The law of love completed The Christ’s commandment: love The Master’s mantle: humility The Saviour’s statement: sacrifice He has spoken – breathed life into us imprinted imago dei on our souls […]Continue reading “yesterday, today, tomorrow and after — wordswrithen”


It’s coming, the time of the cocoon. The waiting, the darkness, the silence. The chrysalis is around the corner, so surely we must ready ourselves. Eat up, store up, prepare, take stock, fill the tank, stack the shelves: The plenty of autumn harvest assembled against the winter wilderness. Are you ready? Hibernation is about to takeContinue reading “metamorphosis”

do you hear what I hear?

A psalm for the middle of a busy week While I live and breathe there is no such thing as true silence.The breath whistles in my nostrils,Howls in my throat;Swallowing rolls in my ears;My pulse surreptitiously marks time. What, then, is silence?I fear it – and thus I fill it – but I don’t understandContinue reading “do you hear what I hear?”

and yet

a psalm for saint valentine’s day, on 1 Corinthians 13 I could be silver-tongued,Persuasive,Eloquent;Capturing the attention of others. I could be insightful,Intuitive,Intelligent, wise;Capturing the thoughts of others. I could be audacious, Courageous,Fireproof in faith;Capturing the allegiance of others. I could be generous,Benevolent, Altruistic, martyred;Capturing the approval of others. And yet – And yet without love – MyContinue reading “and yet”

while you were sleeping

a psalm for the new day While you were sleeping, the Creator was dreaming. While you slumbered, preparations were made.While you were still and quiet and unaware, there was Life, singing over you the song of rescue and purpose. Before you awoke to possibilities, the Author had written them all down. Spelling out your unique andContinue reading “while you were sleeping”

a place where you can belong

Creativity is a curious thing. Many people would not define themselves as ‘creative’, as they don’t see themselves fitting into popular concepts of a creative person. And yet, as humans made in the image of the great Creator, creativity is a natural part of who we were made to be. Within faith communities, creativity also hasContinue reading “a place where you can belong”

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