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splinter triptych

FOR THAW AUGUST 2020 CREATIVE CHALLENGEOriginally published on wordswrithen.comWEEK 2 DAY 2 – SPLINTERS 1. What all camels dreadA splintery day today, you know, The kind when a whole loadOf spiky little annoyances collideAnd lodge just under your skinAnd you set your teeth and grinTil the last straw jabs youRightunderthedamnfingernailandyouhollerandwailaaaaaaaaaaah!What am I, a pincushion?Swiftly becoming aContinue reading “splinter triptych”

thaw #2: deep digging

Week 2 already! hope you have enjoyed the ponderings thus far. Onward and upward…. Check out the pic for your week of creative prompts – no limits, engage how you wish – in words, music, images, paint & pen, any medium you fancy. You’re welcome to incorporate this into your personal reflection, meditation or prayerContinue reading “thaw #2: deep digging”

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