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thaw #1: winter waning

Check out the pic for your week of creative prompts – no limits, engage how you wish – in words, music, images, paint & pen, any medium you fancy. You’re welcome to incorporate this into your personal reflection, meditation or prayer times, or share your responses wherever you blog or create. Feel free to shootContinue reading “thaw #1: winter waning”

and yet

a psalm for saint valentine’s day, on 1 Corinthians 13 I could be silver-tongued,Persuasive,Eloquent;Capturing the attention of others. I could be insightful,Intuitive,Intelligent, wise;Capturing the thoughts of others. I could be audacious, Courageous,Fireproof in faith;Capturing the allegiance of others. I could be generous,Benevolent, Altruistic, martyred;Capturing the approval of others. And yet – And yet without love – MyContinue reading “and yet”

while you were sleeping

a psalm for the new day While you were sleeping, the Creator was dreaming. While you slumbered, preparations were made.While you were still and quiet and unaware, there was Life, singing over you the song of rescue and purpose. Before you awoke to possibilities, the Author had written them all down. Spelling out your unique andContinue reading “while you were sleeping”

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Prophet, poet, holy romantic. Radical mystic and Salvationist.

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